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Entrepreneurs, Creators, Athletes

Join our community of over 150 God Fearing Men; where Faith collides with ambition

Our mission is to bring together men who are ready to carry their cross by pursuing personal excellence in EVERY AREA OF LIFE. Im sure you have people in your life who are believers, athletes, entrepreneurs, or even build deep relationships; but how many people do you have in your life that are pursuing excellence in every area?

​​Welcome to Elevate.


Hear from our founder:

What some of our members have to say:


Austin Espeseth

Believer / Surgical Tech
Aitkin, MN

"Elevate is one of the biggest blessings to ever come about my life. Thank you God"

Justin Schmidt

Believer / COO
Ocala, FL

"Greatest community there is for like minded Christian men."

Alex Braun

Believer / Trainer
Dayton, OH

"Extremely blessed to be apart of such a great community that pushes me in every aspect of life."

Billy Folkes

Believer / Teacher
Outer Banks, NC

"I consider some of the men I've met in Elevate, my closest friends. Only place I could find men with similar values and goals. Amazing space with amazing men."


Struggling to find a community of believers?

Our members focus on building a real relationship with God.

We host in person EVENTS

We host over 8 events each year all over the world

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Value Packed

What you will get access to

Full Community Access

Unlimited access to our 50+ channels that contain valuable resources such as faith guides, training plans, recipe books, supplement stacks, cash flow trackers, and more.

Bible Studies

3 virtual Bible studies are offered each week. We dive into the word in a safe space to ask questions, share perspective and learn. We don't expect you to know it all or even have a bible; We just ask that you come as you are.


A vulnerable space to build deeper relationships with other members through connecting over various self development topics such as Faith, Health, Relationships, Finances, and more.

Coaching Calls

Each month we have 4 coaching calls where coaches in our community jump on live, answering questions and diving deep into the topics of fitness, finance, nutrition, and addiction. *Coaches featured below*


Meet Our Coaches

Mitch Moore


Mitch is an entrepreneur who founded Strong Wealth to help people build generational wealth. Mitch hosts a Live Finance Q&A + delivers resources to our members.

Jake Wells


Jake has his bachelors degree in exercise science and has served over 200 clients. Jake offers personalized fitness coaching to our members + hosts a Live Training Q&A.

Nick Marsh


Nick is a gut health coach who has overcome UC. Nick hosts a Live Nutrition Q&A and delivers the sauce around gut health maxxing.

Matt Kall


Matt overcame his struggles with porn, alcohol, and weed. Matt now serves others as an addiction coach and hosts a Live Addiction Q&A + delivers resources to our members. 

We challenge each other...

Team Challenges.

We host community wide challenges where members come together to push each other, be held accountable, and grow closer to the best version of themselves. A few challenge examples:

  • ​75 Hard
  • Extended Fast
  • 1k Pushup Day

Meet Our Members

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Jake Wells

Jake share his God story of how a double patellar tendon tear grew his faith. His experience of attending events, getting jacked, and building deeper relationships.

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Mike Schuessler

Mike (Father of 2 and Husband) shares his experience at THOS '22, Bible studies, and the depth he has been met with as he has connected with other members. 

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Austin Espeseth

Austin (Community Manager) shares his struggles with Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) and how it left him bullied as a kid. Now hes speaking in front of thousands at church, leading our community, and competing in strength sports.

Are you ready to surround yourself with over 100 like minded men?

Cancel within the first 30 days we refund you in full

Elevate's Owners

Meet Matt & Paden

Matt Moore


Leader / Visionary / Son of God
The one who goes first.

God placed the vision of Elevate on my heart at a young age. As c*vid shattered my lifelong dreams of college baseball I had a decision to make. To take the 4 year beaten path leaving me with a meaningless piece of paper, a job I dreaded, and a life castrated of adrenaline or do I bet on myself going all in on the vision of building a brand, traveling the world, and paving the path for other men. Men who also feel the pull down the path less traveled.

As I write this, I am 3 years self employed and Elevate has now grown to over 150 men. God continues to use me for far more than I could've imagined. Connecting men from all over the world, hosting events of 100+ guys, and defying all the people who told me I was "throwing my life away" by not choosing path 1.

My passion is simple. Trail blaze, empower, and cultivate an environment around path 2 for guys like you. To build a brand and a community to act as a foundation for men who choose to join me on this narrow path. The path to becoming ones best self and fully embodying what Elevate is truly all about. Living life at the highest level.

That is my selfish mission for what is being built here. To share this life of fulfillment, adrenaline, and purpose.

To display what it means to walk with God.

Paden Hodges


Driven / Passionate / Son of God
A foundation for others.

I embody our Elevate motto "Life at the highest level" because I am filled with curiosity of the depths in which I can take my mind and body. Testing the limits through vigorous physical challenges such as Strongman and Ironman while intellectually tasking myself to reach millions with this God given mission in Elevate.

My vision stays fixed on growth and the adventure that lies ahead as I simultaneously ensure that no man is left behind as we walk the path to excellence together.

I carry a deeply rooted passion for experiences as I tap further into every inch this world has to offer. This passion bleeds into my favorite aspect of Elevate... Events. I get to share my passion with others as I cultivate experiences all over the world for our members to connect, grow, and explore. From crafting the electric atmosphere of our annual THOS deadlift competition to leading men through their deepest fears at 14,000ft elevation.

I was alone on the self development journey... craving a fresh start, a higher standard, and a brotherhood to lean on. I found that in joining Elevate

Now I am determined to give this gift to millions. The gift that God gave me.

The gift of Elevate.

Elevate x The House of Steel 2023 Event

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