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Elevate's entire mission is to bring together like minded men and nothing is more powerful in doing that than our in person events. Epic events hosted primarily in the US and now even beyond. Our events range in all sizes from intimate trips of 6-10 men to massive gatherings of 50+. You can expect physical challenges such as climbing 14,000ft+ mountains or deadlifts and jiu jitsu at The House of Steel. Spiritual growth through in person Bible studies, deep inner work, and a vulnerable space to share struggles. Overall these events will leave with you with memories and relationships that will last for life.

We are hosting a minimum of 8 events in 2024. Check out a few of our past events below!

A Few Past Events

Houston, TX

Spartan Race

Appalachian Trail

Back Packing

Tabernash, CO

Rocky Mountain

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Houston Spartan Race

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The House of Steel


What Members say about our Events

Rocky Mountain NP Event

"I truly believe this Elevate event to be life changing for me"

I can't speak highly enough of my experience with this Elevate event. I've lived a lot of my life thinking there just weren't other men who thought like me and wanted to live life as I do. But really, I just needed to find them. The Elevate group is nothing short of exactly what you need if you've been feeling the same. Meeting these like minded men in real life took this experience to the next level. I truly believe this Elevate event to be life changing for me. Being surrounded with these men has pushed me to level up in areas of my life I've been ignoring and talking about real issues in our lives has given me a renewed clarity. I thank God for bring these men into my life and truly believe this is only the beginning."

- Myron Van Dijk

"So grateful to have spent 4 great days with an even greater group of guys"

 Colorado, you did not disappoint.

I joined Elevate back in December. If you told me a few months ago that I would be:
• Hiking 10 miles in 10,000ft +
• Taking my 1st Ice Bath in Lake Haiyaha
• Having in person Bible Studies and deep conversations

I would have laughed

My cup is full. So grateful to have spent 4 great days with an even greater group of guys.

Until next time.

- Antonio Santiago

"God was working more and more in my life already, but I felt it on another level this trip."

This trip came at a time in my life where I’ve faced a lot of uncertainty, particularly income. Felt like I was at a crossroads with health coaching or needing to pivot to something else very soon.
This trip was only a couple weeks after I got baptized for a 2nd time (1st time was a baby). God was working more and more in my life already, but I felt it on another level this trip. Met a few guys for the first time who were deep in their faith, saw some of my good friends Matt, Paden, Austin.
I took it upon myself to be fully present, to not let the stressors get to me and focus on building deep relationships with guys and ultimately a deeper relationship with God.
Men grow deeper bonds through struggle.
• 10 mile hike finished with ice bath
• Bouldering rocks
• 5am Bible study
• Morning run at 10k ft elevation
• Capped off with hiking a 13k ft peak with 2400 ft incline
I grew deeper with my brothers I already knew. I struggled with guys I had just met, but knew we were of the same mindset while hiking together.
While we were hiking the 13k ft peak of Mount Ida, a bunch of us guys would go off trail to explore other parts. Once I knew we were entering the final stretch of STEEP incline, I felt called by God to split from the group.
I flew solo for the next 30 minutes. Climbing big rocks in my Earth Runners, I found another gear. My breath didn’t slow me down at all, I just kept going and going until I got to the top.
Man was it worth it. There were a few people at the top in various spots when I got there. I kept to myself and prayed.
I don’t think I’ve felt as close to God as I did after hiking for several hours to reach the top of a 13k ft peak, all while admiring His creation along the way. God is Great.
I’ve had some major obstacles come up in the past couple months, but I have no reason to let them get me down. God has already done so much for me - my health, family, deep relationships. The abundance of opportunities that keep coming my way. The best part is I know these trials are a way of God testing me, and I know I’ll be stronger because of them.
Grateful for Matt, Paden, Austin - many others in this group. Grateful for the Elevate Community. Grateful for the ability to go on trips like this.
God is working.

- Nick Marsh

Rocky Mountain NP Event Interview

Antonio Santiago

Appalachian Back Packing Trip Interview

Jeff Gregory

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Our first ever Elevate Event

Iron Valley Barbell - Indianapolis, IN

20 guys gathered to cultivate an electric atmosphere that lead to many deadlift PR's. Following up deadlifts with brunch and park hangs.  

Check out our annual The House of Steel Event

The House of Steel 2022

God made his presence undeniable as 30 men gathered from all over the US to train, ice bath, and grow as men

Elevate came together and raised ~$2,000 for JR in his pursuit of building The House of Steel into the world renowned facility it is today (JR’s Story Below)

Lake Erie

Ice Baths



Owner of The House of Steel

JR Smith

JR joined Elevate early 2022 as he was being forced out of the Air Force due to his v*x status… standing on his values he gave up his vision of special forces and set out on the new path God had for his life

A path that left him with an old warehouse that had been passed down to him… A sanctuary he and his brother trained in since they were kids

JR took the leap of faith and went all in on The House of Steel sharing his vivid vision with me I could tell it was from God.

Today as you read this that vision has come to life. He has built more than just a gym but a community that is centered on God.

A community, a God given vision, and an experience that we want to share with you.

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