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The Elevate Mission

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Matt Moore


Paden Hodges


Why we have dedicated our lives to building community

God has given us a mission to bring together like minded men because we both have experienced the loneliness of self development and ultimately the loneliness of being a man in todays world. So we have created a space for men to connect. A space where true strength is found through vulnerability and men can open up about their struggles. Our mission is to build a brand that reaches millions of people and empowers them to lean into that higher calling for their life. That pull you get to do something that the rest of the world just won't understand you for. But we will. We are building a community and a brand for those who feel called to take the path less traveled. Those who know they knew the best surrounding them to become their best. Those will answer their call from God and truly embody what it means to Elevate and live life at the highest level.

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